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As a mother to a very independent, strong-willed daughter, I’m familiar with the struggle we often have to restrict independence in our children. When she was a young toddler, her fierceness really began to show. Between wanting to control her behavior and keep her from growing up too fast, I often […]

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The nervous system is the “backbone” of every function of every organ in our bodies. (See what I did there? Share this post if you enjoyed that pun!) Seriously though, the nervous system must be in good shape in order for our bodies to be in good shape. Nervous system development […]

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Avoid Using Active Toys in Child Development

child playing with wooden train set

There’s a popular saying about toys among moms and dads these days: “The more active the toy, the more passive the child.” The same is true in reverse: “The more passive the toy, the more active the child.” Passive toys are toys that don’t do anything on their own. They […]

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Welcome to Free Grade School Crafts!

play, learn and grow together

Welcome to Free Grade School Crafts, and thanks for visiting. We are so excited you’ve stopped by! If you are interested in learning more about us and meeting our core team members, visit our About Page for more information. This is our first blog post—the first of many! We will […]

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